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We always like to set appointments that are convenient to our clients. Many times we meet during the day, early evening, and on the weekends. It’s important if there are two homeowners that we meet both of you during our first visit as there are many things to learn, discuss, and decide. During the lighting consultation we will concisely educate you on all the lighting techniques and equipment available.

We bring a large display case with us that showcases many of the most popular fixtures and finishes that we offer. We give you the opportunity to see first-hand the premium quality of our equipment for yourself. Oftentimes our clients know that they want to light their home, but do not know how. That’s where we come in.

Given that rarely two properties are identical, we can customize a lighting system with you to satisfy your needs. In addition to the portfolio of photos shown on our website, we have many more, which will likely illustrate a lighting solution for your home. During this appointment, which approximately lasts one hour, we will present you with a written proposal written in clear and concise, plain English.
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Lighting Installation

All installations are performed by our license-bonded and insured employees. Generally we will arrive at your home at 7:30 in the morning. If you are available, our crew leader will walk you through the job site, confirming everything that was discussed during the design consultation. The crew will then mount our low voltage transformer in the most sensible location so that it will not be obtrusive to one’s view and so that it will be in a location which is easily accessible during maintenance. This transformer powers low voltage cables that run into your yard in a manner which will ensure that all lights receive equal power.

In the yard we refrain from using machines of any sort – all trenching is completed by hand. When lights are installed in the front of your home, we place our shovel directly in front of the foundation to trench and later install the fixture wires. This reduces the likelihood that the cable should be damaged at any time. Because we place our wires in nearly the same location every time, our wires can be easily located later.

Most installations are completed within a day or less.

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