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In addition to the portfolio of photos above, we have many more, which will likely illustrate a lighting solution for your home. During this appointment, which approximately lasts one hour, we will present you with a written proposal written in clear and concise, plain English which explains that we will only install the decorations that we provide. In this proposal it also explains that we will warranty all of our work against weather and mechanical failure. Abuse and/or vandalism are not covered underneath our warranty. At the end of the season we will come and collect our decorations for storage. We store all decorations in our own warehouse, so as to ensure ideal storage conditions, and to eliminate any possible problems. All residential holiday lighting clients must agree to a three year commitment in order to use our holiday lighting service. You can always upgrade or change the lighting. Your commitment to us can be voided if you notify us that you have moved 25 miles from the location of the original home.



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