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A great plan for lighting would be nothing without the right equipment. Our company leaders travel to every major lighting show each year. There we evaluate the newest hardware and re-evaluate older designs. We continually experiment and update our hardware selection with the most functional and reliable equipment available.

Available Fixtures

We offer three different grades of lighting fixtures to fit every budget and every project.

Brass Fixtures
These are our premium fixtures. They are considered to be the ideal blend between brawn and beauty. Additionally they are almost always indestructible.
In all the years that we have used them, we have never seen one that was destroyed by result of anything other than mechanical means. We have seen several of these fixtures that have been driven over by cars, dump trucks, trash trucks, snow plows, lawnmowers and the like- and still these fixtures remain intact with nothing more than a scratch that will naturally weather off on its own. Additionally, it carries a lifetime manufacturer’s bumper-to-bumper parts warranty on all components of the fixture.

These components include the ground stake, the housing, the lens, and even the socket. The socket is made from advanced alloy metals that are extremely resilient to corrosion. These fixtures are the only fixtures that are eligible for our ultimate service plan. Brass

Copper Fixtures
These fixtures are made from solid copper. This type of fixture is an intermediate design between aluminum and brass. Although this type of fixture does not possess the extreme toughness of brass, its finish is a natural living finish –similar to that of the brass - so that its finish will naturally weather over time. There is no paint to ever flake or peel with this fixture.
Additionally, it carries a 15 year manufacturer’s bumper-to-bumper parts warranty on all components of the fixture. These components include the ground stake, the housing, the lens, and even the socket. The socket is made from advanced materials that are extremely resilient to corrosion. Copper Fixtures - Clayton Outdoor Lights

Aluminum Fixtures
Our entry-grade fixture is a solid aluminum light that has been factory painted.

This fixture is of medium thickness and is the most predominant grade of lighting fixture used in the Midwest region. Additionally it carries a five-year manufacturer’s parts bumper-to-bumper warranty on all components of the fixture. These components include the ground stake, the housing, the lens, and even the socket.

Aluminum Fixtures - Ballwin Outdoor Lights

Our Guarantee

Our warranty gives you the peace of mind that you have a beautiful and reliable lighting system. Our guarantees – the best in the region – are effective from the date of the original installation. Please check your contract as specially-ordered components may not fall under the terms listed below.


Our transformers are covered bumper-to-bumper by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty does not cover lighting strikes, electrical surges, acts of God – including flooding – or any problems caused by your home’s electrical issues. If anyone other than our qualified and experienced service technicians access the transformer for any other reason other than to adjust the timer, our warranty is voided.


Our fixtures are covered bumper-to-bumper by a manufacturer’s warranty. Aluminum fixtures carry a five year warranty; ABS fixtures carry a 10 year warranty; Copper fixtures carry a 15 year warranty; Brass fixtures carry a lifetime warranty. Everything is covered on the fixture except for the bulb. Incidental or consequential misuse, abuse, lighting or acts of God are not covered by the warranty.


Our wire is covered by a 10 year manufacturer’s corrosion warranty. We use only the toughest wire available. Our supply wire is virtually impossible to cut through under normal conditions with a household shovel. However, in that case that the wire is physically damaged, neither our company nor the manufacturer will provide a warranty for it.


All light bulbs installed by us are under warranty for one year with normal use, dusk till 1 A.M.

Lighting Controls

Our controls are under warranty for one year from the date of the original install.

Driveway Lights - Ballwin

Light Bulb Technology

At the end of the day, literally, light bulbs are the magic of the lighting system. Without the right light bulbs, -no matter how well everything else was designed and engineered - the right effect cannot be reached. After years of experimentation through trial and error, we have narrowed the playing field to use only the finest light bulbs available. We typically use all LED lamps. There are two main lighting characteristics that define the quality and consistency of LED light: CRI & CCT.


CRI- Color Rendering Index
CRI is another important characteristic of LED light sources. Poor CRI can destroy a beautiful landscape. CRI is a measurement of vibrant and true colors. CRI is measured on a scale from 0-100, with 100 being the best. All lamp sources have different CRI measurements, fluorescents are not very good at 65-70, metal halide lamps are better at 80, halogen lamps are "perfect" at 100. A CRI of 80+ is considered very good within the LED industry. The LED lamps we use are between 82 and 84.

CCT- Correlated Color Temperature
The CCT rating for a lamp is a general "warmth" or "coolness" measurement of its appearance. The lower the "Kelvin" temperature the "warmer" the light, the higher the "Kelvin" temperature the "cooler" the light.A typical halogen MR16 runs from 2800k to 3100k. Our LED lamps are available in 2700k, 3000k, and 5000k.

"Widespread use of LED lighting has the greatest potential impact on energy savings in the United States." -LED Section of Energy Savings U.S. Department of Energy, Energy.gov



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