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Meet the Management Team

Ryan Jacques, Owner

Ryan is the designer and president of Legacy Lighting. Ryan has been to specialized schools for landscape lighting design and installation. He is certified, well known and comes highly recommended by many of the landscape lighting supply companies nation wide. Ryan continues to attend many seminars and home shows all over the country in hopes to always have the best products and services to offer his customers. His passion for offering quality products, perfected designs and installations and great customer relations continues to be shown through the quality of his company’s work, year after year.

Lighting Presentation

Ryan and his wife, Alicia, reside in Glendale, MO and have two young boys, Ashton-8 and Kian-7. Ryan is actively involved in different organizations in the St. Louis area: Red Shoe Society of St. Louis (Ronald McDonald House), Young Professionals of Forrest Park, St. Louis Zoo Young Professionals, St. Louis Men's Group Against Cancer just to name a few. His wife, Alicia, is also very actively involved in the community while also overseeing operations of all metro St. Louis area Starbucks.


Company History

Legacy Lighting has successfully installed revolutionary systems using innovative techniques. Since the beginning Legacy Lighting has taken tasks considered to be impossible and has made them happen with great success. This company value is shared by all employees at Legacy Lighting. Whatever the task may be, Legacy Lighting comes through with great recognition. One of the most reputable divisions of the business focuses on Christmas lighting. For the company, this is perhaps the busiest time of year with a variety of projects among some of most sought-after areas.



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